Mentoring Program


The Jackson Miracle-Building Bond Mentor-Protégé Development Program was established to offer Small Business Enterprise Construction (SBE-C) Protégés supervised management-level experience in healthcare construction. Protégés will participate in a comprehensive training program in new trade categories in the healthcare construction industry. The Mentor-Protégé Development Program, monitored by the Miami-Dade County Small Business Enterprise (SBE) Program and Advocacy Manager, will achieve the following:

  1. Provide an opportunity for industry selected SBE-Cs to gain practical experience and build professional and longstanding relationships with prime
  2. Utilize the public bond to establish accessible training
  3. Prepare the industry selected SBE-Cs to compete as primes on future contracts, or subcontractors on healthcare construction

Program and Purpose

Jackson and the Public Health Trust Board of Trustees will utilize voter-approved bonds to launch a capital plan to modernize its facilities, and upgrade equipment, and technology. This plan is a significant investment in the future of healthcare in Miami-Dade County, providing enhanced opportunities for patients, partners, and the local community. It will also stimulate growth for participating SBE-Cs by establishing mentor-protégé relationships on contracting opportunities.

Objectives developed for the Jackson Miracle-Building Bond Mentor Protégé Development Program are as follows:

  • Engage Protégés in the management and delivery functions performed on capital development projects as a prime
  • Familiarize Protégés with healthcare construction   industry planning, scheduling, management, and field
  • Enable Protégés to manage subcontractors, scheduling and other tasks under the supervision of a
  • Provide Protégés with the necessary experience to pursue future contracts in the healthcare construction industry as prime